Talk English: The Secret to Speak English Like a Native in 6 Months for Busy People (Xiao Ken)(Paperback)

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You have studied English for years, yet you still don't speak English well. You've tried many methods and you still make grammar mistakes, you still can't speak English fluently, and you still can't pronounce English words correctly. You can read English, but you feel too nervous or too shy to speak English. The good news is, this is very normal.You have simply used ineffective methods to learn to speak English. Ken has been in your situation before, but now he can speak English like a native, and he accomplished that in six months. In this book, Ken is going to teach you how to completely get rid of your accent and develop an American or British accent to speak English just like a native speaker, and he'll teach you how to accomplish that in just six months. In this book, you'll: *learn to speak like a native in six months or less *learn to do that on a busy schedule *learn to speak