Tbh #8: Tbh, I Don't Want to Say Good-Bye (Greenwald Lisa)(Pevná vazba)

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When summer break brings BIG changes, these BFFs 4EVA may end up saying good-bye 4EVA in the eighth and final book in this popular middle-grade series told entirely in text messages, emojis, and passed notes. Perfect for fans of Invisible Emmie and the Dork Diaries. TBH, Cece, Prianka, and Gabby thought they'd be together forever. But when Gabby's mom announces she's moving to Texas and a backyard BBQ party gets the friends' blow-out summer off to a rocky start, they end up spending more time apart than together To be honest, Gabby just wants to get the good-byes over with already. The question is: How can they be BFF 4EVA if everyone goes their separate