The 7 Initiatory Fires of Modern Manhood: Awaken Your Inner King, Own Your Power & Live a Legendary Life (Black Hendrix)(Paperback)

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Lost in the fervent call for men to "be more", is the fact that man already is more than he's ever been. Almost unreasonably more. Written with the goal of positively impacting the lives of 50 million men (and their families) for generations to come, The 7 Initiatory Fires of Modern Manhood is a practical guidebook and self-development path for modern men. At a high level, The 7 Initiatory Fires of Modern Manhood is built upon the premise that, contrary to popular belief, "initiation" into manhood hasn't disappeared. It's simply been misunderstood. And that as a modern man, the grounds for deep and permanent transformation are already present in everyday life. Namely in intimate relationships, fatherhood, pursuit of purpose, business and livelihood, thriving physically and mentally in an unhealthy world, thriving emotionally and spiritually in