The Dream Box (Laker Carol Anne)(Paperback)

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The Dream Box lies at the far end of Grandpa Zachary's work bench. Tins of old paint, rusty tools and dusty wood shavings have kept it hidden for many years. Until one day - the day he tries to remember the past. Struggling with the frailty of his mind, Grandpa Zachary takes the little box into his big and wearied hands. Touching the delicate carvings around its base, he yearns to once again touch his past and the precious story of his own life - the uncertainty of WW1, the fun of climbing Alby's Oak and the sorrows of the Acorn Army. Will Mr Cregin or Alby's father ever return?Written for a contemporary audience, this tender-hearted and beautifully illustrated story will help children from all backgrounds and social situations to understand the difficulties of loss - loss of home, friends, family and loss of memory, caused by