The Essential Joseph Beuys (Borer Alain)(Pevná vazba)

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Subject to passionate controversy during his lifetime, the work of Joseph Beuys is now considered one of the most significant and influential contributions to twentieth-century fine arts.The Essential Joseph Beuys locates the artist's oeuvre as he saw it: part of a larger, philosophically based practice emphasizing direct democracy, free access to education, and the restructuring of society to meet ecological requirements. A total of 152 works from Beuys's many fields of activity--drawings and watercolors, prints and multiples, sculptures and objects, spaces and happenings--arranged in chronological order demonstrate the artist's formal versatility, creative richness, and conceptual depth. The peculiar poetry of the materials Beuys used--felt, grease, honey, wax, copper, and sulfur--emerges along with the gentle melancholy that suffuses the work. Alain Borer