The Films of Reginald Leborg: Interviews, Essays, and Filmography (Dixon Wheeler Winston)(Pevná vazba)

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This is the first in-depth look at Reginald LeBorg, the quintessential Hollywood contract director, who worked constantly during the 1940s and 50s at such studios as Universal, PRC, and Monogram, making a series of beautiful and resonant films under severe constraints of time and budget. Here, in a book-length interview recorded a year before his death in 1989, LeBorg looks back at all his work--Destiny, Calling Doctor Death, Weird Woman, The Flight That Disappeared, Jungle Woman, Diary of A Madman, San Diego I Love You, and many others, and discusses his impatience with "fans" who don't bother to screen his more interesting non-Gothic films, describes studio life during the 1940s, and gives the reader insights into his personal life. With stills and a thorough