The Football Agent: The most hilarious, absurd, revealing and personal book about football you'll ever read (Hope Bjorn)(Paperback)

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The wildly entertaining, shocking, brutally honest inside story, from a real football agent Knut Hoibraaten has worked as a professional football agent for a decade. In this book he reveals for the first time the true extent of the craziness behind the scenes. Wild partying around Europe, the truth about the machinations behind the buying and selling of players, a training camp at La Manga with an eye-watering special twist: all add up to the story they didn't want you to read When football managers in designer suits show off a new player, they want you to believe the acquisition is the culminaton of a process of considered, strategic decisions. The reality is often very different, as Knut Hoibraaten reveals in this sensational look into the secret world of football. Giving a whole new meaning to the term "straight from the heart", Hoibraaten's story will make you laugh out loud