The Jade Egg: Dynamic Pelvic Floor Exercises and Vaginal Weight Lifting Techniques for Women (Eardley Lara)(Paperback)

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In this book has been written for women wanting to learn exercises that create superior internal strength. It is for women desiring true embodiment and a holistic internal exercise program that leads to exceptional control, even mastery, over their pelvic floor muscles (the love muscles). These practices are for creating superior sexual fitness, satisfaction and increased libido in women. These exercises ensure a life of continence. They greatly asist the prevention and cure of incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and unsatifsying sex. In this book, you will find numerous techniques that provide a terrific workout for all your amazing pelvic floor muscles. I have written this manuscript for practices that use The Jade Egg (internal weights); however, a woman can achieve formidable strength and tone by practicing these exercises alone. I have structured it with the