The Jean Freeman Gallery Does Not Exist (Howard Christopher)(Pevná vazba)

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An examination of a 1970s Conceptual art project--advertisements for fictional shows by fictional artists in a fictional gallery--that hoodwinked the New York art world.From the summer of 1970 to March 1971, advertisements appeared in four leading art magazines--Artforum, Art in America, Arts Magazine, and ARTnews--for a group show and six solo exhibitions at the Jean Freeman Gallery at 26 West Fifty-Seventh Street, in the heart of Manhattan's gallery district. As gallery goers soon discovered, this address did not exist--the street numbers went from 16 to 20 to 24 to 28--and neither did the art supposedly exhibited there. The ads were promoting fictional shows by fictional artists in a fictional gallery. The scheme, eventually exposed by a New York Times reporter, was concocted by the artist Terry Fugate-Wilcox as both work of