The Nameplate: Jewelry, Culture, and Identity (Rosa-Salas Marcel)(Pevná vazba)

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The Nameplate is a vibrant photographic celebration of nameplate jewelry featuring deeply personal stories and rich cultural contexts, collected by the creators of the Documenting the Nameplate project. "Names don't just tell stories. They are stories."--Rawiya KameirNameplate jewelry comes in many shapes, styles, and sizes--from simple scripted pendants to bejeweled rings, belts, and bracelets with a first, last, and/or nickname. Like so many individuals who proudly wear nameplates, Marcel Rosa-Salas and Isabel Attyah Flower were first introduced to this storied jewelry during childhood. Their love of the nameplate style gradually blossomed into a wide-reaching research project, Documenting the Nameplate, through which they've spent years collecting photographs and testimonials from nameplate-wearers across the country and world. Featuring essays