The Necromancy of Nyarlathotep: Disclosure from The Necronomicon Fragment, Vol 1 (Balsamo Giuseppe)(Paperback)

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The Necromancy of Nyarlathotep by Guiseppe Balsamo is the first volume of a three-book series titled Disclosure from the Necronomicon Fragment. Researcher and author Guiseppe Balsamo set out to refute and reinforce ideas presented by Moldenhauer regarding these Lovecraftian texts. With an eye to the deeper nature of such revisionism, that dares to speculate on the relation of what was thought of as Weird Fiction that may be frighteningly real. The work focuses on the exploration of the role of Nayarlathotep as both Necromancer and Messenger of the madness of Azathoth as revealed by the R'lyean script in both the fragment and the cypher. We find clues to the preternatural origins of the Providence Cypher may have been the work of a cult to Nyarlotheotep, the relation between R'lyeh and Atlantis and the Emerald Tablets, and that the Spell of the Necronomicon Fragment may have been spoken