The People Spark: A Business Leader's Essential Guide to Crafting Your Culture With Confidence (Mies Erin)(Pevná vazba)

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There are plenty of books that teach business leaders about culture, business performance, and HR practices, but what makes The People Spark stand out? Too often, books focus on theory and concepts (the what that needs to be done), leaving leaders without a clear direction exactly how to do it.The People Spark is aimed at businesses that may or may not have formalized human resources support or processes in place (and that's okay!)and provide a step-by-step guide to help leaders determine the culture they want for their business and teach them how to build and reinforce it through straightforward practical actions. Throughout this book, Erin and Kristen harmonize teaching leaders on creating processes and implementing methods that equip their people for success. This strategic parallel is intended to support, influence, encourage, and infuse