The Prenatal Epoch (Bailey E. H.)(Paperback)

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In Astrological terms, the prenatal epoch starts at the moment of conception. According to the author, "the prenatal epoch is a certain moment of time, occurring approximately at the commencement of the gestative period... when the degree ascending on the eastern horizon, and the longitude of the moon thereat, interchange with the longitude of the moon and the degree ascending at birth, or their respective opposite points." (pg. 19) What this means is that your prenatal moon was your birth ascendant, and your prenatal ascendant is your birth moon, or the opposite points in the zodiac. There are four possibilities: If the natal moon is above or below the horizon at birth, and if it is increasing or decreasing in light. So what good is this? For one thing, it helps explain infant abnormalities, as well as infant mortality, in cases where there are no other astrological factors. It also