The Prison Teacher: Stories from Britain's Most Notorious Women's Prison (Skinner MIM)(Paperback)

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AS SEEN ON BBC BREAKFAST Step inside one of Britain's most notorious prisons... During her time as a prison teacher Mim Skinner met every type of criminal. But her job was not to judge them, it was to teach. In this compelling, inspirational memoir Mim takes you behind the bars. From drugs and violence to pregnancy and heartbreak, Mim's classroom saw it all. With high drama but also candid humour The Prison Teacher is full of eye-opening stories of those without a voice, revealing the human side of our country's most controversial institution. 'Shocking, poignant and darkly funny' Woman & Home'Full of nitty-gritty details of life inside' The Guardian'Humbling, hopeful and wryly hilarious' The Herald'Very real and powerful account' Kate Paradine, CEO of Women in Prison'A