The Teen Interpreter: A Guide to the Challenges and Joys of Raising Adolescents (Apter Terri)(Pevná vazba)

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Once children hit adolescence, it seems as if overnight "I love you" becomes "leave me alone," and any question from a parent can be dismissed with one word: "fine." But while they may not show it, teens benefit from their parents' curiosity, delight, and connection.In The Teen Interpreter, psychologist Terri Apter looks inside teens' minds--minds that are experiencing powerful new emotions and awareness of the world around them--to show how parents can revitalize their relationship. She illuminates the rapid neurological developments of a teen's brain, explains the power of teenage friendships, and explores the positives and pitfalls of social media. With perceptive conversation exercises that synthesize research from more than thirty years in the field, Apter illustrates how teens signal their changing needs and identities--and how parents can interpret these