This Close to Home (Turley Beth)(Pevná vazba)

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A young girl aims to revitalize her lake town's annual festival to reunite her family and honor her mom's memory in this tenderhearted middle grade novel for fans of The Summer of June and Violets Are Blue. Brooke's mom always used to tell her, "It's just a game." But now that mom's gone, Brooke is finding it hard to keep softball as just a game, when so much of her mom's memory is woven into her favorite sport. And it doesn't help that her older sister, Calla, has started avoiding the field, and Dad doesn't have as much time to toss the ball in their backyard or go to all her games. Then Brooke and her best friend, Derek, come across an album full of photos from when their town celebrated its annual Lakefest, a summer picnic that brought the whole community together at Brooke's parents' lake houses. When she brings up the idea to revive the event, Dad and