Ultimate Exercise Routines for Riders: Fitness That Fits a Horse-Crazy Lifestyle (Anderson Laura Crump)(Pevná vazba)

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Seven equestrian-specific workouts to suit any rider'sbody, age, ability, and schedule.It is no secret that riders often neglect their own needs in order to ensure their horses' are met. Countless dollars go toward massages, chiropractic work, and various other therapies that keep our equines comfortable and performing their best. We carefully schedule their training programs to achieve peak fitness at just the right time, and we juggle our personal lives--careers, family, you name it--around it all. But horse sports are a partnership, and if we want our horses to be at their best, then we have to be at ours, and that means paying careful attention to our own athletic bodies. Most riders argue they simply don't have the time to work out and still give their horses the time they need, so certified personal trainer Laura Crump Anderson has written a book that