Unmaking the East India Company: British Art and Political Reform in Colonial India, C. 1813-1858 (Young Tom)(Pevná vazba)

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Illuminates how new modes of artistic production in colonial India shaped the British state's nationalisation of the East India Company, transforming the relationship between nation and empire This pioneering book explores how art shaped the nationalisation of the East India Company between the loss of its primary monopoly in 1813 and its ultimate liquidation in 1858. Challenging the idea that parliament drove political reform, it argues instead that the Company's political legitimacy was destabilised by novel modes of artistic production in colonial India. New artistic forms and practices--the result of new technologies like lithography and steam navigation, middle-class print formats like the periodical, the scrapbook and the literary annual, as well as the prevalence of amateur sketching among Company employees--reconfigured the colonial regime's racial boundaries and