Unspoken Social Rules & Etiquette, (Un)common Sense, & How to Act (King Patrick)(Paperback)

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Say please and thank you. Don't stand still in front of a door. Say hi and smile. Don't ask about salary.Is life so complicated? No, but the truth is that these are all unspoken and unwritten social rules. That means you need to learn them.Learn all the social no-nos you've committing your entire life and fix them!Unspoken Social Rules & Etiquette is a guidebook for the modern age. Ever wonder why some people glare at you, or what happened that someone won't return your calls? You probably violated a piece of our society's unwritten and unspoken social rules.This is not a small deal! These are small indicators that will repulse people and prevent them from investing in you. Understand how you can better blend in anywhere, and make a lasting impression.Some of these are obvious, some are not. Learn what you