Wholehearted Love: Overcome the Barriers That Hold You Back in Your Relationship with God and Others--And Delight in Feeling Safe, Seen, (Rouse Stefanie)(Paperback)

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Loving others can be so messy. Somewhere along the way, maybe you'veExperienced pain and trauma that caused you to put up barriers in your heartFelt disappointed that you didn't get the relationship you once dreamed ofDecided it's too risky to open yourself up to getting hurt.Maybe you've even felt this spreading into your relationship with God. If you're honest, maybe your connection with Him only feels surface level. You've shutdown with him too and aren't experiencing His love like before.Relationship counselors Stefanie and Caleb Rouse are no strangers to this heartache, loneliness, and brokenness. Yet despite personal pain and loss, they've come to discover that God wants us to experience nothing less than wholehearted love--a love that allows us to be fully safe, seen, and known, with Him and with each other. Join them