Yoga for All (J Yogendra Hansaji)(Paperback)

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Written by one of India's foremost yoga gurus, Hansaji J. Yogendra, Yoga for All is the most comprehensive book on the subject. Hansaji helms The Yoga Institute, a 100-year-old organization that has been at the forefront of the modern yoga renaissance. Often, yoga is equated with the physical practices such as asanas, pranayamas and kriyas, but in Yoga for All, Hansaji revisits the idea of yoga and presents it in an all-inclusive role where the person is considered in totality. The book brings forth the joy, freshness and wholesomeness of yoga, and repositions the traditional techniques of yoga in a new and unique dimension. This approach and techniques are taught at the Institute and has benefitted its disciples, including renowned celebrities. The book makes yoga easy for all irrespective of gender, body type, ability or age. Many traditional practices are enriched with variations