The Connected Family Handbook: Nurturing Kindness, Warmth and Wonder in Children (Harvey-Zahra Lou)(Paperback)

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This unique book, by an experienced parenting coach and a successful parenting blogger, offers practical advice and inspiring activities to encourage positive qualities in children and create a more connected family. How can simple activities help us connect more fully with our children and live more happily together? What types of games will encourage children to be kind to others? How can crafting and outdoor play build respect for the natural world? The Connected Family Handbook offers empowering advice and practical activities to answer these questions and many more. This is an inspiring book for carers of children, from toddlers to ten year olds. Each of the ten chapters tackles an important theme for families - Home, Kindness, Mealtimes, Move, Warmth, Teamwork, Adventure, Nature, Wonder and Celebration - and suggests ways to nurture